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April/Andy headcanon:

April becomes a hot vet and graduates top of her class. When asked to be graduation speaker, she says, “No.” She moves back to Pawnee and she and Andy open up an animal hospital/dog hotel/shelter. Pawnee has a surprisingly large wild dog population that only Andy seems to be able to tame. April thinks it’s because he always smells like bacon.They foster stray dogs, and for the first year Andy names all of them after the Colts’ starting line. They end up spending so much time at the shelter that they just move in. They’re living in an unused office and heating up frozen pizzas for four months, and April can’t remember ever having a better time or a worse night’s sleep, but Andy always slept better being nearer to the dogs and April slept where Andy slept. Ron eventually steps in and helps them build a real apartment in the back of the building in exchange for unlimited babysitting (Andy’s idea). It’s just April and Andy and all their dogs, the slightly off-kilter version of the cookie-cutter life she and her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriend made fun of a million years ago. Sometimes she’ll catch herself smiling for no reason, humming a MouseRat tune while making pirate hats for when she and Andy give the dogs baths later (half the fun is making them “walk the plank” while they snarl and pretend to drink rum), and she’ll roll her eyes and scold herself for being so lame. Still, later there will be pirate-themed puppy baths and even Angry April would agree that’s pretty awesomesauce. It’s a simple life, really, but it’s theirs. 

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I feel like Veep just gets me on a spiritual level.

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The truth is that there are a lot of people like you, us, with strange hobbies or talents or gifts and we try to hide it because we’re afraid that it makes us seem weird or it will turn people off, but that’s a mistake. What makes me unique has brought every person I love into my life.

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So we were sitting in class today




and my U.S. History teacher was trying to get us to understand why it was such a big deal that England had put a tax on colonial sugar, and he goes,

"What if you had to pay a tax every time you logged onto wifi?"

And the whole class just went


and I heard at least two people whisper “I would murder someone”

I will keep reblogging this in the name of historical science

history in action

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Favourite character meme: 1/6 traits - defiant

It was not supposed to be this way. She had dreamed of her wedding a thousand times, and always she had pictured how her betrothed would stand behind her tall and strong, sweep the cloak of his protection over her shoulders, and tenderly kiss her cheek as he leaned forward to fasten the clasp.

She felt another tug at her skirt, more insistent. I won’t. Why should I spare his feelings, when no one cares about mine?

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yea i am a lil obsessed w/ natalie dormer but then again so is sophie turner

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Since the start of 2014 I have:

Gotten a new piercing.
Dyed my hair.
Ended a relationship.
Started a new relationship.
Been on a long car journey. 
Passed an exam.
Cried on someone’s shoulder.
Had a massive fight with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Received flowers.
Had a Valentine.
Written a letter using pen and paper.
Gone to see a therapist.
Been prescribed medication by a doctor.
Read a really good book.
Gone to the zoo.
Spent too much money on unnecessary things.
Traveled by train.
Cried over someone.
Spent a day out in the sun getting a tan.
Slammed a door out of frustration.
Had an anxiety attack.
Had a BBQ.
Gone to the fair.
Gone bowling.
Seen a film at the cinema in 3D.
Gone on a date.
Helped someone home after they’d had too much to drink.
Stayed up all night.
Talked on the phone for over 2 hours. 
Supported someone who’d received bad news.
Watched some kind of live sporting event. 
Read an entire book in one day.
Bought a DVD the day it was released.
Eaten McDonald’s more than four times in a single week.
Cried as a result of exam stress.
Met some incredible new people.
Fallen backwards off a chair. 
Broken my glasses.
Cried over someone in my past.
Spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. 
Thrown up.
Cried over a film.
Gone out of my way to avoid an ex-significant other.
Fought with someone in public.
Been in a relationship for a year or longer.

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"Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic."
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casual reminder that Elle Woods scored a 179 on the LSAT, which is one point shy of a perfect score.

Casual reminder that Whatshisface here had family connections and was a legacy and shit, whereas Elle Woods came out of nowhere.

casual reminder that Elle Woods actually had an amazing background in real life issues that people dismissed as unimportant but managed to not only learn the law, but learned how to apply the law.

Casual reminder that Elle Woods used her lawyer skills to save a woman from an abusive relationship and also save another woman from trumped up murder charges and basically what I’m saying is you go, girl, go get ‘em Elle Woods, thank you for this movie.

what’s fantastic about this movie is that it’s not that fucked up brand of feminism where the girls who arent like other girls and sip tea and read hemingway look down on the blonde party sluts. the message of the movie is like, you can be blonde and attractive AND enjoy stuff like shopping and partying and you can still be smart and kick ass!!!

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